Guido Argentini was born in Florence, Italy. He studied Medicine for three years at the University of Florence. At age 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty.

In 2003, Guido Argentini’s first book, “Silvereye”, presented an exquisite series of nudes shot in studio. Photographed in black and white, the result is a sensual and majestic veneration of the woman’s body. Argentini truly transforms living subjects into sculptural pieces. Shot in the intimacy of closed rooms, ancient villas, modern apartments, or cheap hotels these settings invite the viewer to take a glimpse into a unique feminine universe.

His work has been published by some of the leading magazines of the world.

Since 1990, Guido Argentini has been living and working in Los Angeles.


2014      Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International, L.P., S.E.C., Montreal, Canada

2011       Photographers Limited Editions (Vienna, Austria)

2010      Young Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

              Young Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

              Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan

2009     Brucie collections, Kiev, Ukraine

              Photo Art Research, Florence, Italy

2007    Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan

2006    Galerie Reygers, Munich, Germany

              James Gallery, Moscow, Russia

              Camera Work, Berlin, Germany

1998     Todd Kaplan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1996     Todd Kaplan Gallery, Santa Monica, CAne panels,” with Kevin Roche, Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York NY