Guillaume Seff was born in Toulouse in 1977.  He recently returned to live in Paris after a ten years stay in Montreal. Seff is a young upcoming artist who’s work operates on the level of childlike fancy and play. The cartoon like scribbles that he paints or scratch onto the surface convey  a sense of silliness. Despite the disorderly and random juxtaposition of graffitis and text Seff manages to create his own vocabulary that gives an impression of facility and ease. In his work the artist knows how to maintain a fine balance between contradictory forces such as rough and smooth, control and spontaneity, primitive and contemporary. Guillaume Seff’s work has been exhibited in Canada and France.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS                   

2014             Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International, L.P., S.E.C., Montreal, Canada

2008             Galerie Quartier Libre, Montréal

2004             Galerie W, Paris

                     Galerie Mclure, Montréal



2008             «Fragments d’un homme chien» , Galerie Quartier Libre, Montréal

2006             «Le fil unifiant» Galerie Baliz, Montréal               

                     Galerie Sandra Goldie, Montréal



2008-09       Galerie Quartier Libre, Montréal

2007             Galerie St-Laurent-Hill, Ottawa

2005-07       Galerie Baliz, Montréal

                      Galerie Sandra Goldie

2005             Galerie Studio 261, Montréal

2004-06       Galerie W, Paris



2008             F.I.M.A., Festival International Montréal en Art, Montréal

2005             TIAF, Toronto International Art Fair, Sandra Goldie