Born in Havana in 1980, Alexander Poll Doval moved to Montreal in 2007. Self taught  artist, he has been fully dedicating himself to painting for the last 15 years. Inspired by his travels, and his numerous encounters with different cultures, Doval ludic themes are found somewhere between dream and reality. Each canvas starts with the unknown symbolically resembling a traveling experience. Doval works with a spatula in a rhythmic manner to apply paint and to give life to the elements that will slowly shape the painting.

Alexander Poll Doval lives and works in Montreal.


2010          “Elemento del Alma”, O Patro Vys, Montréal, Canada

2009         “Rêves et illusions”, Galerie Espace, Montréal, Canada

                  “La Luz de los Infantes”, Galerie Luz, Belgo Building, Montréal, Canada

                  “LosInfantes et Las maquinas”, Hyatt Regency, Montréal, Canada

2008         “Los Infantes”, Galerie Saint-Viateur, Montréal, Canada

2000-07   “Expositions permanents”, Galeria Taller José Marti, La Havane, Cuba


2014-Present        Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International, L.P., S.E.C., Montréal, Canada

                              Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd., St. James, Barbados

2010                     “Fuera del camino”, Galerie 1040, Montréal, Canada, Collectif d’artistes cubains.

                             “Rêves et illusions”, Galerie Rouge Tambour, Laval, Canada

2009                    “Love”, Galerie Espace, Montréal, Canada, Collectif d’artistes cubains.

2007                    “100 poemas de amor”, Galeria Arte pueblo, La Havane, Cuba, Illustrations des poèmes de Rick Patrick.

2004                     “Los tres musicos”, Ambassade de Colombie, La Havane, Cuba

                              “Naturaleza, paz y diversidad”, Galeria Villa panamericana, La Havane, Cuba

                              “Musica”, Galeria Villa panamericana, La Havane, Cuba

2003                    “Guitarra”, Galeria Plaza de la Revolucion, La Havane, Cuba

                             “Primavera”, Galeria Sociedad Cultural Jose Marti, La Havane, Cuba

                             “Como nace una flor”, Galeria Arte erotico, La Havane, Cuba

2002                    “Musicos”, Museo de la MusicaHavana Vieja, La Havane, Cuba

                            “Guitarra”, Galeria Amelia Pelaez, La Havane, Cuba

2001                    “Los musicos”, Galeria estudios de gravacion EGREM, La Havane, Cuba


2000-07              Création d’un atelier-galerie : el Taller José Marti, La Havane, Cuba.

                             Le projet Arte Pueblo a pour but d’enseigner les arts plastiques aux enfants et aux adultes et d’offrir un lieu d’exposition permanent au collectif de peintres qui travaillent
                             dans   l’atelier.

2005                    Réalisation de la murale Alegria, Club Turf, discothèque du Vedado, La Havane, Cuba.